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railway station. The railway station pours thousands of people in all directions. 翻译:火车站向四面八方输送成千上万的人。

The train had departed from the station before their arrival. 手工翻译,译文精彩,放心使用

1. Will you rely on me to help you study English? 2. When I ran on to the platform yesterday afternoon, the train was pulling out of the station. 3. He is a person that should be learned from by us. 4. I have been learning Engl...

Last week I went to the railway station with several classmates to contribute to volunteer activities.

百度翻译:I went to Taiyuan by train. 有道翻译:I went to taiyuan by train 谷歌翻译:I went to Taiyuan by train

HI 伙伴们,明天我要乘火车去XX,实在太兴奋了, hi,guys, I will go to XXXX by train tomorrow.It is so excited. because it is best travel method, I can see beautiful scentery on the train. Then, what is your favorite way for trav...

这是用现在进行时表示将来,译成将来时 他们马上周五动身去上海。我们去不去火车站送他们?

The train is leaving soon.

I like taking the train to travel 和I like to take the train to travel 语法上都没有错误,不过所表达的意思是不同的。前者表示“我喜欢乘火车...


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